26 November 2007

I've spent the last few days collecting tools, ROMs, and information on flashing PC version Radeons for usage in Macs. To save those of you interested, I've created a page with all of this information in one spot.

01 November 2007

My Physics Equations are online. They provide a pretty good reference for basic mechanics, sounds, thermodynamics, light, electricity, and circuts. I'm continuing to add to this section of my site. We're currently studying magnetism in class now so expect it to be the next addition.

If you notice any sorts of errors, be it with the actual equations, the HTML, or otherwise, please contact me.

29 October 2007

I've added a Server Status page to my web site. It's somewhat interesting and prevents me from having to ssh into it in order to do a routine check.

07 August 2007

The web server is now running lighttpd. The Apache configuration files, and the Gentoo Apache Team constantly changing their format and locations got on my last nerve.

I've been very pleased with lighttpd. I think the configuration files are much more straight forward than Apache. Everything should work the exact same other than SVN and SSL which I'm not sure were working correctly in the first place.

19 July 2007

The x86 Instruction Reference has gotten an overhaul. Instead of querying the server each time the search criterion changes, it just looks it up in a client side object. It should be all around faster. The download size is significantly smaller also. The JavaScript file is a mere 6KB which is quite small when you consider there are more than 300 x86 Instructions with descriptions et al stored in that file.

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