About mattst88

Gentoo developer, freedesktop.org contributor, graphics software developer at Intel.

GPG key: mattst88.asc; fingerprint: 3BB639E56F861FA2E86505690FDD682D974CA72A

What others have said about me

Tobias Klausmann, team leader of the Gentoo/Alpha project –

<Blackb|rd> ssuominen: well, I blame Matt, he's infuriatingly motivating. :D

Also, I'm mentioned on his blog.

Martin Schmidt, a fellow DEC Alpha user and collector –

<waldwolf> I applaud your initative
<Blackb|rd> so say we all :)

Chris Ball and Ed McNierney, fellow OLPC hackers, in response to my iwmmxt optimizations for pixman

<cjb> mattst88: it looks great. I don't think we were expecting that you'd dive in quite so far so quickly. :-)
<edmcnierney> mattst88: yes, this is very cool and substantial work - nice job

Email me for a résumé. Or don't. Just please don't dangle a research position in front of my nose and string me along for a year.

What I think about others

My oh so sweet, wonderful, thoughful, and amazing girlfriend is Kelly.

She's amazing. Seriously.