Name Processor RAM Description
Broadcom BCM91250A Dual-core 800MHz SiByte-1 MIPS 2GB Dual-core Broadcom ATX Evaluation Motherboard
HP c8000 2x dual-core 1.1 GHz PA-8900 32GB Last generation PA-RISC workstation
SolidRun CuBox 800MHz Marvell Armada 510 1GB Original CuBox (with iwMMXt)
AlphaServer DS20L 2x833MHz EV68 Alpha 2GB dual processor AlphaServer with 2GB RAM in a 1U case
AlphaServer ES47 2x1000MHz EV7 Alpha 16GB Last generation EV7 AlphaServer
Apple iMac G4 1.83GHz PowerPC G4 MC7448 2GB 17" iLamp with an upgraded CPU
Kontron X-board <GP8> 600MHz Intel XScale 80219 ARM 128MB ARM-powered system with PCI
Digital AlphaPC 164 500MHz EV56 Alpha 512MB Alpha OEM motherboard with 256-bit memory bus via eight 64MB SIMMs
Apple PowerMac G5 2x2.7GHz PowerPC 970FX 4GB Last generation PowerPC PowerMac
Samsung UP1500 800MHz EV68 Alpha 4GB rare Samsung-made Alpha motherboard built on the AMD-761 PC chipset
Digital VAXstation 4000 model 60 55MHz KA46 VAX 72MB? the first VAX with TURBOchannel
Apple Xserve G5 Cluster Node 2x2.3GHz PowerPC 970FX 8GB Last generation PowerPC Xserve
Formerly owned
SGI O2+ 400MHz R12k MIPS 1GB cute little (maxed out) purple SGI O2+ AV workstation
SGI Fuel 800MHz R16K MIPS 4GB powerful SGI workstation with a rare 800MHz CPU
HP j6700 2x750MHz PA-8700 PA-RISC 16GB CAD workstation with dual 750MHz CPUs, FireGL-UX, 16GB RAM
Digital AlphaPC 164LX 533MHz EV56 Alpha 1GB Alpha OEM motherboard

And my computer wishlist.

Computers without web pages include (but are definitely not limited to!) Sun Blade 2500, Alpha DP264, SGI Indy, O2, & Octane, AlphaServer DS10L.