Name Processor RAM Description
Broadcom BCM91250A Dual-core 800MHz SiByte-1 MIPS 2GB Dual-core Broadcom ATX Evaluation Motherboard
HP c8000 2× dual-core 1.1GHz PA-8900 PA-RISC 32GB Last generation PA-RISC workstation
SolidRun CuBox 800MHz Marvell Armada 510 ARM 1GB Original CuBox
AlphaServer DS20L 2×833MHz EV68 Alpha 2GB 1U dual processor AlphaServer
AlphaServer ES47 2×1000MHz EV7 Alpha 16GB Last generation EV7 AlphaServer
Apple iMac G4 1.83GHz PowerPC G4 MC7448 2GB 17" iLamp with an upgraded CPU
Kontron X-board <GP8> 600MHz Intel XScale 80219 ARM 128MB ARM-powered system with PCI
Digital AlphaPC 164 500MHz EV56 Alpha 512MB Alpha OEM motherboard with 256-bit memory bus via eight 64MB SIMMs
Digital AlphaPC 164LX 600MHz EV56 Alpha 1GB Alpha OEM motherboard with 4MB L3
Apple PowerMac G5 2×2.7GHz PowerPC 970FX 4GB Last generation PowerPC PowerMac
Apple Macintosh Quadra 840AV 40MHz Motorola 68040 32MB Fastest m68k Mac
Samsung UP1500 800MHz EV68 Alpha 4GB rare Samsung-made Alpha motherboard built on the AMD-761 PC chipset
Digital VAXstation 4000 Model 60 55MHz KA46 VAX 72MB? the first VAX with TURBOchannel
Apple Xserve G5 Cluster Node 2×2.3GHz PowerPC 970FX 8GB Last generation PowerPC Xserve
Formerly owned
SGI O2+ 400MHz R12k MIPS 1GB cute little (maxed out) purple SGI O2+ AV workstation
SGI Fuel 800MHz R16K MIPS 4GB powerful SGI workstation with a rare 800MHz CPU
HP j6700 2×750MHz PA-8700 PA-RISC 16GB CAD workstation with dual 750MHz CPUs, FireGL-UX, 16GB RAM

And my computer wishlist.

Computers without web pages include (but are definitely not limited to!) Sun Blade 2500, Alpha DP264, SGI Indy, O2, & Octane, AlphaServer DS10L.