Web: 26 September 2006

Sorry for the downtime. I seem to have broken something in the configuration of the wireless drivers, because when the server rebooted, the wireless interface did not come back up.

Programming: 26 August 2006

I started work on glpong3d (a clone of the flash game curveball) in C and OpenGL a few weeks ago, but I'm just now putting it on the website.

General: 18 August 2006

Moved into Lenoir Rhyne today. My dorm room isn't as bad as I'd thought. They've had us doing semi-stupid stuff all day for freshman orientation, but I guess that should be expected. Here're some pictures:

Programming: 30 July 2006

I've put up snapshots of glpong and SkyGI++ (along with documentation). Check them out.

General: 11 July 2006

Well, I'll be attending Lenoir Rhyne College starting in August to study Pre-engineering and/or Computer Science. They even love me enough to give me my very own blog on top of a three-quarter scholarship.

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