15 October 2006

Cameron Bunce and I decided to test out the performance differences between SkyOS build 6356 and the most recent previous build. We found some interesting results.

26 September 2006

Sorry for the downtime. I seem to have broken something in the configuration of the wireless drivers, because when the server rebooted, the wireless interface did not come back up.

26 August 2006

I started work on glpong3d (a clone of the flash game curveball) in C and OpenGL a few weeks ago, but I'm just now putting it on the website.

18 August 2006

Moved into Lenoir Rhyne today. My dorm room isn't as bad as I'd thought. They've had us doing semi-stupid stuff all day for freshman orientation, but I guess that should be expected. Here're some pictures:

30 July 2006

I've put up snapshots of glpong and SkyGI++ (along with documentation). Check them out.

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