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UP1500's and 833 MHz Alpha CPUs For Sale

One of the hardest things about using an Alternative Architecture like the Alpha is the small userbase. Since very few people have Alpha hardware, relative to other architectures, if one encounters a problem there are exceedingly few users able and willing to help. Even worse, if the problem is specific to your model, the chances of getting help are slimmed even more. Another issue is the difficulty in finding replacement parts. Want replacement Slot B CPUs? How about the impossible to find UP1500? In most cases, you'd have a terrible time even finding the parts and when you do, watch out for the price tag. Fortunately for you, I've got both of these areas covered. I've got brand new, sealed, in the box, latest revision UP1500 motherboards and unused, in the box 833 MHz 4MB Slot B CPUs for sale! Edit: Sold out.

The Samsung UP1500 is the quintessential Alpha motherboard. It sports

Unbelievably, these boards are brand new and still sealed in the box. The factory date is listed as 01/12/28. Someone packed these away in a warehouse seven years ago and forgot about them. Back then, they could have sold them at prices in excess of 2500 dollars. Bad for them. Good for you. Their loss is your gain.

This is the only Alpha to support DDR RAM, and outside of the outrageously expensive EV7 Marvel systems, the only Alpha to support AGP 4x!

At the time of this writing, I've got mine set up with 4 GB of CL2 DDR RAM, a 4 port USB 2.0 PCI card, and a Radeon X1550 PCI card. I can't pass up the AGP though, so I'm waiting to grab a Radeon 9800 Pro.

Maybe you've already got a nice Samsung Alpha motherboard, such as the UP2000[+]. Unfortunately, your really nice and expensive processors wore out after years of service, and you can't find replacements. Don't worry about replacements. I've got upgrades!

These processors are the fastest available for the UP2000! Upgrade from your old 667 MHz 2MB CPUs to a pair of 833 MHz 4MB EV68AL Slot B processors.

Disclaimer: All the parts are working to the best of my knowledge. All UP1500s are sealed in their original boxes. I've opened one for myself, and it operates beautifully. The Slot B CPUs are opened but unused.

All these parts are guaranteed not to be dead-on-arrival.

If you're an Alpha fan and would like to get your hands on the perfect Samsung motherboard or a pair of the fastest Slot B CPUs, contact me. Quantities are extremely limited. Customers are served on a first come first served basis.

I sincerely hope that by putting some UP1500s and fast CPUs in the hands of Alpha users, we can band together to fix the problems we face.

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