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Alpha Linux's New Wiki Unveiled

When I bought a DS20L from eBay, I struggled to find helpful information. I sifted through Google search results, searched HP's website, read hundreds of posts on mailing lists, looked at Linux and BSD release notes, and searched everywhere I could think of. In the process, the one thing I discovered was that there was not a definitive spot for information on Alpha based computers, Alpha/Linux support, SRM versions, Alpha assembly and optimization, or Alpha software. Hopefully this new Alpha Linux Wiki will be that definitive spot.

I have been working behind the scenes with's Peter Petrakis for the last two to three months to create a wiki to house the wealth of knowledge about the aforementioned topics in a central location. As you can see by the TODO page, there is quite a bit of content to be created. The wiki is in place, and I have written only a small fraction of what is needed. This is where we need you, the Alpha enthusiast, to add content and help make the wiki grow.

There are some things that I cannot add to the wiki even with an immense amount of research. In particular:

I sincerely hope that the Alpha community finds this resource helpful and makes good use of it.

On a related note, as many Alpha users know, this is the first time that has been updated in years. We hope to change this by adding a forum and migrating the main site to a content management system. Peter Petrakis would like to use a Ruby based CMS, and I have no preference. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Also, if you have suggestions of ideas for other ways to improve I'm all ears.

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