Math: 23 January 2007

I've started work on a Math section for my website. I hope to use it as a nice little place to keep track of all the Calculus and Physics I learn.

Programming: 24 November 2006

Looks like my x86 Instruction Reference is working and at least somewhat optimized. I'll have to write up a page about how to add instructions to it so that I don't have to document all umpteen instructions myself.

Web: 22 November 2006

I'm in the process of changing over static web pages to an Ajax driven design. Check out my x86 Instruction Reference for instance. Something will most likely break in the process. There are quite a few things I am still waiting to do to the website though. I guess you'd call it a work in progress.

SkyOS: 15 October 2006

Cameron Bunce and I decided to test out the performance differences between SkyOS build 6356 and the most recent previous build. We found some interesting results.

Web: 26 September 2006

Sorry for the downtime. I seem to have broken something in the configuration of the wireless drivers, because when the server rebooted, the wireless interface did not come back up.

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