Blog: 06 October 2009 - Socket 754 Turion ML-34 works in an ABIT NV8

My current desktop has served me quite well for nearly four years. Its Sempron 2800+ certainly doesn't compete with Phenoms or Core 2's in terms of performance, but what really bothered me about it was its lack of power management support. By some arbitrary decision, AMD chose to disable Cool'n'Quiet on Semprons <3000+. I've been vaguely interested in upgrading the processor for a while, but options are rather limited. It's not worth it to upgrade to a faster Sempron. Socket 754 Athlon 64s use quite a bit more power and mobile Athlon 64s still cost well over one hundred dollars. Socket 754 Turions exist, but I couldn't find any mention of compatibility with my ABIT NV8. I figured for eight dollars it was well worth the gamble, and bought a mobile Turion ML-34 on eBay to give it a try and to give my desktop a final upgrade.

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Web: 17 May 2009

I created a computers section on my website, to catalog my various computers. I recently counted twenty in my room. I think this is getting a bit excessive...

Blog: 09 April 2009 - IRIX for x86 and the 700MHz O2

As I was testing Radeon Kernel Mode-setting on Alpha, I casually started a conversation with Jesse Barnes, an Intel Graphics developer. I recalled that he was an ex-SGI employee, and being interested in SGI computers myself decided to ask him a question or two. What I learned about SGI absolutely floored me.

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Blog: 13 February 2009 - Ideas for the Future of SkyOS

In December 2004, I paid thirty dollars for a SkyOS Beta membership. I was intrigued by the project. I couldn't explain it. It was just different. I ported simple software and came to be a part of the SkyOS community. I wrote SkyOS programming guides. I spent hours talking with other SkyOS users on IRC. I reported bugs and followed development closely. There was no other project that I devoted more time to than SkyOS. But for the last year or so, SkyOS has progressed at an ever slowing pace. With long periods of downtime between SkyOS releases, many users, myself included, gradually moved on to other projects. Finally, Robert made the announcement that SkyOS development is officially halted. I wasn't surprised, but I was saddened. Given what I know of the project and of Robert, and having seen in four years of development the same concerns raised, problems faced and subsequently fixed over and over again, I wrote a letter to Robert outlining what needs to be done to save his hobby of the last thirteen years.

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Blog: 11 January 2009 - The Case for Open Sourcing Alpha-Optimized Libraries

As long as I've been interested in Alpha hardware, I've been intrigued by Compaq's Alpha-optimized compilers and libraries. In some cases, the compilers produce code multiple times faster than by gcc. The math library, libcpml, contains functions that execute in half the time of their glibc equivalents. Since the abandonment of the Alpha platform, this code has languished. In some cases, the performance gap between Compaq's tools and their open source counterparts has shrunk. In others, the benefits of hand-tuned assembly still shine. This prompted me to contact HP and request the release of the code. They unfortunately concluded that an old MIPS license prevented them from releasing the compilers. I've recently contacted HP once again to persuade them to release libcpml and libots as free software, as libraries containing nothing but hand-tuned Alpha assembly could not be encumbered by this license. I also attached the following benchmarks as evidence of why this code is still valuable so many years after it was written.

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