24 November 2006

Looks like my x86 Instruction Reference is working and at least somewhat optimized. I'll have to write up a page about how to add instructions to it so that I don't have to document all umpteen instructions myself.

26 August 2006

I started work on glpong3d (a clone of the flash game curveball) in C and OpenGL a few weeks ago, but I'm just now putting it on the website.

30 July 2006

I've put up snapshots of glpong and SkyGI++ (along with documentation). Check them out.

27 March 2006

SDLPong 1.4 has been released. Lots of improvements. No bouncing squares anymore.

30 January 2006

SDLPong 1.0 has been released. Send me suggestions and/or patches.

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