The purposes of this project are numerous. Firstly, it's a great way (and excuse) to learn SDL. Moreover, I need something to keep me occupied in my C++ class at school while the rest of the class is learning what '+=' does.

Eventually, I'd like to replicate 4 Player Pong and include network support.

Latest Release is version 1.5, released on 1 April, 2006. tar.bz2 tar.gz


Screenshot of SDLPong in SkyOS

Screenshot of SDLPong in Linux

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This project has ended in favor of glpong.


SDL is nice, but OpenGL is nicer. I'm still using SDL for the Windowing system, input, and loading images; but OpenGL is going to be doing the main drawing. It doesn't do much currently, but some objectives for this project are:

Newest Snapshot is dated 2006-07-30: tar.gz

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This project has ended in favor of glpong3d.


This project attempts to offer the the feel of the flash game curveball but do it in C and OpenGL. Instead of 1 player versus the computer as in curveball, glpong3d will only support 2 player games by way of networked multiplayer.


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