17 April 2008

The semester is almost over and I cannot wait. There are so many things I'd rather be doing than Differential Equations. For instance:

Unless someone corrects me, I'm going to say this is the first Alpha/R500 combination. This may also mean it is the first Linux/Alpha box to have a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0. It even fits in a nice 1U case.

I've also posted a nice piece of x86-64 assembly using SSE3. See my leibniz pi code page.

19 July 2007

The x86 Instruction Reference has gotten an overhaul. Instead of querying the server each time the search criterion changes, it just looks it up in a client side object. It should be all around faster. The download size is significantly smaller also. The JavaScript file is a mere 6KB which is quite small when you consider there are more than 300 x86 Instructions with descriptions et al stored in that file.

15 May 2007

Good news for you Internet Explorer wackos: the Instruction Reference should now work for you. I switched from DOM methods to innerHTML. The Instruction Reference should be as a whole much faster regardless of which browser you use. My only reservation is that innerHTML is not a W3C standard and does not have a completely certain behavior.

At some point I'm going to switch the Instruction Reference over to using JSON instead of XML. It should make it that much faster, since JSON can be parsed easily with eval() and accessed much easier.

Update: I've switched over to JSON already. The file size is a little smaller, and the Ajax GET (generation of the instruction database in JSON plus the download time) is around 40 to 50 milliseconds faster now.

04 April 2007

I've added for your reading pleasure, nine installments of the Assembly Programmer's Journal I found via the Flat Assembler Forums. Even though they're coming up on 10 years old, they've still got some good information in them.

25 January 2007

I added nice little x86 assembly functions for Sine, Cosine, and Absolute Value to my code page.

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